We want all our patrons to have a great time at our concerts. That’s what concerts are all about. We actively support and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and strive for our concerts and events to be a place of belonging.

But we take bad behaviour seriously.

Bullying, fighting, inappropriate touching of others, throwing items on stage, or verbal abuse are all clearly abhorrent and unacceptable. No person should ever have to endure this type of behaviour by others when they are attending a concert and simply trying to have a great time. We take various measures at our concerts to keep patrons as safe as possible.

We ensure that security staff that are posted to dancing and “mosh pit” areas have a heightened awareness of bad behaviour.

We also provide a dedicated hotline phone number that patrons can call if they feel unsafe for any reason. This would allow patrons to access our security team and find their location quickly and easily.

We have a Safety Hotline at all of our outdoor concerts that is active on the day of the concert.